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  • Health and safety management systems
  • Workplace risk assessments
  • Risk management plans
  • Risk management plans
  • Emergency planning
  • Occupational hygiene studies
  • Legal opinions/expert witness
  • Safety systems and compliance audits
Development and Implementation of Health & Safety Management Systems

RMI can assist organisations to develop and implement effective health and safety management systems. Applications include general safety management systems, process safety management systems, hazardous substances and dangerous goods management systems.

Workplace Risk Assessments

Risk assessment is the key feature of modern approaches to health and safety management. RMI can assist organisations to develop and implement a programme of workplace risk assessment, including Risk Register development. Tools and techniques tailored to an organisation's requirements can be developed. Risk assessment facilitation is also undertaken.

Risk Management Plans

RMI can assist in the development of Risk Management Plans that can be used as the basis of health and safety improvement processes or in addressing specific regulatory requirements.

Chemicals Management

Management of dangerous goods and hazardous substances is a critical issue in the workplace. RMI is able to assist organisations to develop and audit hazardous substances/dangerous goods management systems to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Emergency Planning

RMI is able to assist organisations to develop effective plans to ensure that threats to persons, assets and the environment are minimised in the event of an emergency, and that normal business operations are resumed as soon as is possible.

Occupational Hygiene Studies

Measurements of noise, dust, chemicals, fumes etc. in the workplace can be undertaken, and control measures recommended.

Legal Opinions/Expert Witness

RMI consultants are able to provide expert opinion with regard to workplace health and safety issues that may be the subject of legal action or regulatory investigation.

Safety Systems and Compliance Audits

RMI is able to undertake audits of safety management systems, or undertake specific compliance audits in relation to regulatory requirements or requirements of Codes and Standards.

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