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  • Compliance audits
  • Management systems audits
  • Auditing of risk management plans

RMI is able to provide qualified auditors to act as either Audit Team Leaders, Technical Experts on audit teams or as "solo" auditors.

Compliance Audits

Audits can be undertaken to assess the extent of compliance by an organisation and its employees/contractors with respect to particular items of legislation, codes or standards, e.g. Dangerous Goods Legislation, Australian/International Standards and Codes.

Enterprise Risk Management systems audits

Auditing of enterprise risk management systems and establishment of "in-house" auditing systems can also be undertaken.

RMI is also able to undertake audits of health and safety and environmental management systems, or undertake specific compliance audits in relation to regulatory requirements or requirements of Codes and Standards.

Auditing of Risk Management Plans

Auditing of specific risk management plans can also be undertaken.

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