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Risk Management Intercontinental Pty Ltd (RMI) has operated since 1995, providing specialist enterprise risk management and risk assessment services to a wide range of industry sectors. The company has conducted assignments in the oil and gas, mining, construction, transport, manufacturing and service industries. Assignments for enterprise risk management and assessment have been undertaken in Australia, USA, Canada, Pacific Rim, Asia, Europe, Africa and South America. Services offered cover consulting, auditing and training.

RMI operates a quality management system consistent with the requirements of AS/ISO 9001:2008.


Risk Management Intercontinental Pty Ltd is committed to providing a consistently high level of service and quality. We adopt ethical business practices, use innovative techniques and provide practical solutions.

Our aim is to value-add and establish long term relationships by encouraging, motivating and empowering our clients.


RMI's commitment to professionalism is demonstrated by the fact that it only employs senior consultants with "hands on" industry experience.

We can provide the team to help your organisation better manage its risks and grasp its business opportunities.

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