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  • Development and implementation of enterprise risk management systems
  • Facilitation of risk management workshops
  • Risk Management Plans
  • Business continuity planning
  • Integrated management systems
  • Risk and assurance audits
Development and Implementation of Enterprise Risk Management Systems

RMI can assist organisations to develop and implement effective enterprise risk management systems. Implementation is able to be undertaken at strategic and operational levels, and may involve a combination of "top down" and "bottom-up" approaches.

Facilitation of Risk Management Workshops

RMI is able to facilitate risk management workshops in which an expert team, consisting of representatives of key stakeholders in the organisation, undertake risk identification and analysis, and develop risk treatment measures. The output is a Risk Management Plan for the organisation. Risk Management Workshops are often used as part of the strategy for implementing Enterprise Risk Management Systems. Focus can be both on threats and opportunities.

Risk Management Plans

RMI can assist organisations to integrate risk management strategies into the strategic and corporate planning processes. Effective integration ensures consistency between longer term strategic objectives, and shorter term goals, and the effective management of threat and opportunity within that context. Risk Management Plans to address specific risks can be developed.

Business Continuity Planning

RMI is able to develop and implement Business Continuity Plans for organisations. Such plans are closely tailored to an organisation's business activities to maximise effectiveness.

Integrated Management Systems

Because of the similar structures of risk, safety, quality and environment management systems, RMI is able to assist organisations to integrate these systems. This results in more efficient use of resources and more effective management of these issues.

Risk and Assurance Audits

RMI is able to audit risk management systems or plans and so provide assurance that risk management functions and controls are achieving desired outcomes. Audits are tailored to the specifics of the clients programme and requirements.

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